Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Free ideas: make your own automatic podcast transcription program

I'm too busy and too lazy to try this out myself and I don't have the cables (which normally wouldn't be a problem except I've had some bad luck buying cables lately so I don't feel like doing more experimenting) so I'm putting it out there.

The basic idea is to run podcasts etc. through voice recognition software so you can read them (which is faster and easier) instead of listening to them. Hook up your audio output to your audio input, open up your voice recognition software, open up itunes or whatever, and press play. As I understand it (I haven't played with voice recognition very much) you'll have to train the software a bit at first, but once it's learned a particular podcaster's voice, it should be able to scan through quickly.

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Craig said...

I attempted this once and the resulting jibberish was only fit for fits of laughter. For an example of what a first time through with Dragon Naturally Speaking looks like, check out the thread I posted here: