Saturday, November 13, 2004

One thing I really do not understand is the "technical quality uber alles" approach to media. I read a review of a DVD, and they go on and on about sound and picture quality. But how's the movie itself? People rave about the quality of graphics in videogames. That can certainly be interesting, but is the game itself fun? I even once heard someone say that he decides which radio stations to listen to based on the signal quality. While I know it can be annoying to listen to poor reception, doesn't he care about the content?

I just have no interest in watching a movie that I don't enjoy in impeccable surround sound, playing a boring or too-complex-to-relax videogame with amazing graphics, or listening to dull or infuriating radio with a crystal clear signal. I'd much rather watch a great movie with mediocre picture quality, play a fun, relaxable DOS game, or listen to informative or entertaining radio in mono. I just can't understand why some people would rather do the opposite.

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