Sunday, November 07, 2004

Adventures in pan-Asian cuisine:

Now I don't really eat a lot of Asian food, mostly because when I tried it as a child I didn't like it, and I'm hesitant to experiment with foods I know nothing about. I don't want to spend money (and my limited lunch time) on something I might not like.

However, a couple of weeks ago I was having lunch with some co-workers, and one of them ordered this soup from this generic Asian place called Noodles. The soup had vegetables and noodles and broth and looked really healthy and tasty. So a couple of days later, I decided to try this stuff myself. I really enjoyed it, it was tasty and comforting, but there was rather a lot of it and it filled me up so I couldn't finish it all. However, a lot of it was water, so I found myself hungry again before I even finished work (which isn't good because I have class after work, so my lunch has to keep me full until I get home at 8).

Then a couple of days ago, due to various circumstances,I wasn't able to take my lunch until 3 pm, and I would have to eat at my desk. So I went down to Noodles and got some of this soup to go, as the thought hot soup in my cold office was comforting, and I would surely be able to finish the whole thing in the two hours of work left. I noticed that their takeout containers were these tall styrofoam things, about as wide as a normal takeout soup bowl but twice as tall. This made me happy, because just that morning I had been thinking that takeout soup should be available in large cups, so you can sip it if you want. But when I went to pick up my order, I found that they had given me two containers! There were people behind me in line so I didn't stop to ask, but it turned out that one container had broth and vegetables, and the other held the noodles. What am I supposed to do with that? I couldn't just dump the noodles into the broth because the broth container was full, and it's not like i have a bowl in my office to mix them in. So I ended up eating half of the veggies and broth, then putting the noodles in the rest of the mixture. But does anyone know the correct thing to do in that situation?

My other story is about sushi. I'd never had sushi before - initially because I thought all sushi contained raw fish, and then because I didn't know if I'd like it and, as a student, I didn't want to spend money on something that I didn't know if I'd like. But today I decided to try sushi for the first time, so I bought a thing of 8 little vegetarian rolls from Loblaw's.

I don't like it. I can't stand wasabi and whatever that pink stuff is, and the rolls themselves are just meh. I could eat them if there was nothing else, but I don't really like them. I ate 2, then decided to have a peanut butter sandwich instead.

I'm so plebian!

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