Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Books read in April 2014


1. The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (a.k.a. J.K. Rowling)
2. Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James
3. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin
4. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
5. Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh


1. Memory in Death
2. Haunted in Death


laura k said...

What did you think of Cuckoo's Calling?

Your list also reminds me that I used to love reading Doris Kearns Goodwin and she has fallen off my radar.

impudent strumpet said...

I enjoyed Cuckoo's Calling as I was reading it, but didn't feel moved to immediately read or write fanfiction. Writing this, I'm trying to remember if I guessed whodunnit, and just realized I can't even remember whodunnit. I added the next book in the series to my library list, but didn't preorder it on Amazon so I could get my hands on it as soon as possible like I did with the Harry Potters.

The Doris Kearns Goodwin I didn't actually enjoy, because it was very long and I wasn't actively interested in the subject matter. I just read it because Eddie Izzard recommended it (which impresses me that he read it, because he's dyslexic.)