Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Things They Should Invent: leave cartons with cracked eggs open on the shelf

In the grocery store buying eggs, I picked up a carton off the shelf, checked the eggs, and discovered that one was stuck to the carton, which meant it was cracked and leaking. Since I don't want a cracked egg, I put that carton down and selected another one.

But I put the carton with the cracked egg back on the shelf, which meant that the next person will pick it up, inspect it, find a cracked egg, and put it back on the shelf.  And then the next person will pick it up, inspect it, find a cracked egg, and put it back on the shelf.  This wastes a little bit of everyone's time and interferes with the smooth flow of traffic in the egg section.

Solution: we need to standardize some way to signal to other shoppers that a particular carton contains a cracked egg.

My idea:  If the carton has a cracked egg, leave it open on the shelf.  Other people can then avoid it and go straight to cartons that are still closed.

This will also signal to store employees that there's something wrong with this carton, although it's possible they might just close it and put it back.

As an added bonus, if you pick up a carton of eggs and find it contains an egg that's cracked but not stuck to the carton, you could swap that out with one of the good, non-cracked eggs in an open carton on the shelf, thus consolidating all the cracked eggs and potentially reducing waste.


alvaro burro said...

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to mention on the topic there should be a bowl there, to place the cracked eggs.. if i know there is a cracked egg..i check how bad they are and if not too bad, i still take them..cus its sad to judge a whole carton based on a few cracks..haha i am more worried about how intact the yolk is in! haha it becomes a science experiment in mah kitchen to get that foo out! anything for pancakes! :D

alvaro burro said...

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so then ur a rude 14th century madam? :p

impudent strumpet said...

It's from Othello :)

laura k said...

When I was a kid I sometimes went grocery shopping with my grandmother, and people did this in her store. It's a good idea which shouldn't be difficult to kickstart.