Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Notes on comments

1. Some people were unhappy that the email follow-up comments option disappeared. It seems to have re-appeared for me when I enter the comments already logged into my Blogger account. Is it back for you too? (I didn't actually do anything, it just showed up).

2. Blogger's spam filter has recently sent a couple of perfectly legitimate anonymous comments into my spam folder. I restored the comments in question, and I'll have a look at my spam folder whenever I'm looking at my comments (although I don't check comments every day). However, I'm reluctant to turn off the spam filter, because it catches huge quantities of actual spam. Anonymous comments are still welcome, but you might have better luck getting through with one of the other options. If you check "Name/URL" (which is right above "Anonymous"), you can enter the name of your choice, including Anonymous.

1 comment:

laura k said...

Blogger seems to have restored several features that went missing - the comment follow-up check-box, the quick-edit pencil, and a couple of others.